• Lost Cat Billboard and Pro-lifers

    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff

    Passers-by take a stroll along 4th street Tuesday evening.

    Chase Martinez | Daily Texan Staff

    Peter Aiura of Illinois naps outside while waiting to protest at the Austin Convention Center with pro-lifers and their families on Tuesday afternoon. The protest was against Planned Parenthood's teen summit to promote safe sex.

  • Camancho Campers

    Chase Martinez | Daily Texan Staff

    Issac, seven, plays in the sand with fellow campers with Camancho Activity Center while taking shade in the heat at Lady Bird Lake trail, Monday Afternoon. The Camancho Activity Center offers activities for children, ranging from hikes to cycling.

  • Aerial Dance with Volve

    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff

    Sky Van Vliet aerial dances on equipment provided by the performing artists group Volve outside The Long Center Sunday afternoon. Volve provides free lessons to pedestrians and fans every weekend. 

  • Cleaning Floor Mats and Austin Swing Dance Syndicate

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Sara Rhuby cleans floor mats with her daughter Lucia at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center on Thrusday afternoon.

    Elyana Barrera | Daily Texan Staff

    Austin Swing Dance Syndicate celebrates their 12th anniversary at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs with live band Jonathan Doyle and His All-Stars on Thursday evening.

  • East Side Electrical Repair

    Emilia Harris | Daily Texan Staff

    A construction worker cools off in the shade while his coworkers service the power lines across the street on Wednesday morning. For Austin residents, construction is a common part of life in the city.