Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade


  • Members of the Inner Visions Gospel Choir prepare to perform during a ceremony before the march that featured music and speeches from local politicians and civil rights activists. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Rosalina Gonzales waves at marchers on MLK Jr. Blvd. from her front door. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Lloyd Holiday holds up signs that say "The King dream is supreme" and "We shall overcome" at marchers on Chicon St. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Austin Police Department Officer Patti Robinson walks with Taisier and Alaiha Briggs down Chicon Street during a march to commemorate the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monday morning. UT’s connection with Dr. King goes beyond his statue on the East Mall, in March 1962, he spoke at the Texas Union to a crowd of 1,200 and spent the night in a guest room on the fourth floor. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Ruthie McDaniels, Anthony Riley and Billy Riley watch the march from their home on East MLK Jr. Blvd. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Cedric Knox, an Alpha Omega Pathfinder from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, leads the MLK Jr. Day parade up MLK Jr. BLVD. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Identical twins Nina and Kira Schwendenmann-Martins walk with their mother Chris down speedway at the start of the MLK Day march. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Members of the Young Men and Women of Destiny converse prior to the start of the march. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Mehrdad Pirouz and Jim Bransen from the Texas State Employee's Union converse during the ceremony prior to the march. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • The Alpha Omega Pathfinders from the Seventh Day Adventist Church wait for the start of the MLK Day march. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)