Darkness in Vogue


  • Phonthephasone works with one of his leather pieces for his senior collection at Mary E. Gearing Hall. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Phonthephasone selects pieces of leather for his senior collection at Tandy Leather. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Phonthephasone stands outside the models’ dressing room at Fashion Freak Out 5 with fellow senior designers Kaidon Ho (left) and  Harrison Koiwai (right). (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Senior textiles/apparel major and president of University Fashion Group, Stefant Phonthephasone will be showcasing his Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired collection at The Frank Erwin Center this evening at the Textiles and Apparel Senior Fashion Show, Contour. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Phonthephasone touches up one of his sketches for his collection that will be showcased today at The Frank Erwin Center. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Phonthephasone showcases his senior collection to a panel of judges with Tyler Neal and Sarah Kislingury modeling his designs. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • University Fashion Group officers’ Tyler Neal and Angeli Aguilera help Phonthephasone to hang a backdrop for the Contour Fashion Show promotion video at Mary E. Gearing Hall. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • When Phonthephasone is not working inside Gearing, he is sewing in his room and experimenting with leather. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)

  • Phonthephasone puts his designs into the elevator after his second critique panel at Mary E. Gearing Hall. (Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz)