Austin Marathon and Half-Marathon 2012


  • 14. Nursing/Pre-Med senior Allison Mendez, who is also part of the UT Track and Field, celebrates her half marathon win at the finish line of the 21st annual Austin Livestrong Marathon and Half Marathon. Mendez completed the race in 1:18:14, just a little over 13 minutes after the first male finisher. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Sipho Ngxongo runs up South 1st Street. Ngxongo finished the race in 2:31:45, with an approximate pace of 5:48 per mile. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Ricardo Alvarado Gonzalez runs West along Ceasar Chavez. Gonzales finished the half-marathon with a time of 1:09:47. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Jynocel Basweti and Edward Kiptum run West along Ceasar Chavez. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • About 12,500 runners registered for the 21st edition of the Austin Livestrong Marathon and Half Marathon. Sponsored by Lance Armstrong’s fundation, one priority of this year’s event is to raise financial support for cancer research.  (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Edward Kiptum of Kenya runs the last meters of the marathon race. He placed himself on the first place and finished in 2:22:50. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Ricardo Alvarado Gonzalez, a half-marathon participant, runs across North across the 1st Street Bridge. Gonzalez placed sixth overall. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Shannon Bixler wraps herself in a Texan flag after being the first female runner to finish the full marathon in 3:02:28. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • A participant in the Austin Marathon stretches before the race Sunday morning. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A spectator peers over the partition as participants pour across the finish line. (Photo Credit: Lawrence Peart)

  • Half-marathoner Ricardo Alvarado Gonzalez is trailed by marathon runners Jynocel Basweti and Edward Kiptum. The men received a bike escort to ensure their safety along the roads. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A marathon runner kisses his wife after finishing an intense race for the Austin Livestrong Marathon and Half Marathon Sunday morning. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • A runner takes her breadth back after finishing her race. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Chris McClung walks through the finish shoot after completing the marathon. McClung finished the race in 2:52:23. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Jynocel Basweti makes his way down South Congress, heading towards a sharp turn West along Ben White Boulevard, Basweti led the marathon for the majority of the race. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A half marathoner expresses her joy of finishing an intense race Sunday morning. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • At the end of a race dedicated to her father, a marathoner gets back to her family. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Volunteers of the Austin Livestrong Marathon prepare to give medals to the finishing runners (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Edward Kiptum puts on a fresh pair of shoes in preparation for his 26.2-mile run throughout Austin. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Edward Kiptum heads towards the medical tent shortly after finishing the race. Kiptum beat his competitor, Jynocel Basweti, in the final four miles of the race. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Jynocel Basweti and Edward Kiptum make use of one of the many water stations along the course. Before leaving each station, Baseweti would toss a cup of water on himself. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • From left to right, Edward Kiptum, Jynocel Basweti and Bartosz Mazerski pose as the first, second and third runners to finish the 2012 Austin Livestrong Marathon, all in less than two hours and 30 minutes. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Thousands of runners flood into the streets of Austin Sunday morning. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Half-marathoner Chass Armstrong heads towards the point where the race course splits up the half-marathon and the marathon runners. Up until this point the runners have followed the same course. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • 12. Winner of the Austin Livestrong Half Marathon, Siyabonga Nkonde from South Africa, finished the race in 1:04:58. (Photo Credit: Fanny Trang)

  • Jynocel Basweti runs further into West Austin. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)