Laura Marling

As SXSW's music events take over the festival, we'll be reviewing some of the top acts. Here are our takes on Laura Marling and Milky Chance, who both performed Wednesday:

Laura Marling

Folk rock singer-songwriter Laura Marling is Twiggy if Twiggy could play with the ferocity of Alanis Morisette. The British darling performed seven-song set as a part of Santa Monica radio station KCRW’s Radio Day Stage.

With no introduction, Marling started with the heady song “False Hope,” a song from her fifth album Short Movie. Her guitar-heavy set contrasted her dainty look. Her second song was the darker love song “I Feel Your Love.”

Her set veered on the edge of Mumford and Son’s meets Alanis Morisette — the acoustic guitar skills of a Mumford son and the vocal range and playfulness of Morisette.

Overall, the performance was lackluster. Marling’s vocals were superb and demanding but the energy was lacking. She barely moved from behind the mic and said a total of nine words in 45 minutes.

It’s hard to say if it was the conference room atmosphere that deterred experimenting or if Marling just prefers to play it safe. Marling and her three-piece band will perform from 1 – 1:45 a.m. at the Mohawk on Thursday and from 8:45 – 9:30 p.m. at St David's Historic Sanctuary on Friday.

Listen to Laura Marling perform "I Feel Your Love" here:

Milky Chance

In the comfort of an air-conditioned Austin Convention Center ballroom, the German duo Milky Chance capped off KCRW’s Radio Day Stage line-up. Celemens, the lead singer and guitarist, Philipp Dausch, the percussionist and

The set began with the sultry “Stunner” that drew a large crowd to the front of the room. The song exemplified the band’s ability to write and perform catchy pop ballads.

It’s apparent that that lead singer Clemens Rehbein has a heavy Germany accent, but when he’s singing, it’s more charming than confusing. In between the first and second songs, the crowd was quiet which prompted the percussionist Philipp Dausch to call everyone out.

“It’s pretty much like a library in here.”

By the end of their second song, the crowd of bobbing heads doubled. The psychedelic folk songs aren’t lyric heavy making them perfect dance tracks. “C’est Necessaire Oui,” the third song of their set, did not depart from Milky Chance’s beat-based formula that delivers a beat-drop every 15 seconds.

“Well I don’t want to tell you what the next track will be. Surprise,” Rehbein said before launching into fourth song, “Flashed Junk Mind.” It was clear the song is the band’s next hit when phones emerged from pockets.

They moved into the acoustic portion of their set, which meant a lot of harmonica and even more smoldering glances. While the song kept some of Milky Chance’s iconic electronic beats, it turned into a performance more characteristic of Ed Sheeran’s acoustic guitar ballads.

The set wouldn’t have been complete without the single “Stolen Dance” off their first studio album Sadnecessary. The version was a couple beats slower than the radio edit but brought a new level of energy to the older crowd.

Milky Chance played it safe and relied heavily on thumping beats to bring energy to the performance but there is no question the band will continue to make SXSW appearances.

The band will play again at Cedar Door on Wednesday from 8:20 — 8:45 p.m. and at Stubb’s on Thursday from 12:15 — 1:30 a.m.

Listen to "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance:

A street performer plays the drums on Sixth Street on Tuesday evening.

Photo Credit: Lauren Ussery | Daily Texan Staff

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Updated (7:52 p.m.):

Laura Marling, a folk singer-songwriter from England, performs at the Radio Day Stage at the Austin Convention Center on Wednesday. Lauren Ussery | Daily Texan Staff

Updated (7:43 p.m.): A trio of traveling gypsy musicians has made Austin their temporary home this week. With cigarettes dangling loosely from their lips, D.on Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers flooded the corner of 6th and Congress with a type of music they call “dirty gypsy blues.” Click here to read more about the trio's journey to Austin for this year's SXSW.

Updated (7:32 p.m.): 

A woman enjoys the festival atmosphere on Sixth Street Wednesday afternoon. Rachel Zein | Daily Texan Staff

Updated (5:24 p.m.): Folk rock singer-songwriter Laura Marling is Twiggy if Twiggy could play with the ferocity of Alanis Morisette. The British darling performed a seven-song set as a part of Santa Monica radio station KCRW’s Radio Day Stage on Wednesday. Her vocals were flawless, but her stage energy was lacking. For a full review of her performance, click here.

Updated (5:02 p.m.):

Guests at "YouTube at Coppertank," a party on Trinity Street, stand inside a frequently updated TV tunnel Wednesday afternoon. Marshall Tidrick | Daily Texan Staff

Updated (3:11 p.m.): South By Southwest: the the days are long; the lines are longer. Are you eating? More music means later nights, so make sure you're keeping your stomach happy and your body prepared. Here are six great, nearby options for refueling.

The German folk duo Milky Chance performs at the Austin Convention Centeron Wednesday. Lauren Ussery | Daily Texan Staff

Updated (1:40 p.m.): The music portion of South By Southwest is in full swing, so you'll want to make a thoughtful decision about where you'll spend your day. If you'd like to stick with one of the main venues, here are two of your best options — whether you're 21+ or still waiting for that critical birthday. Reminder: Venues will take general admission attendees, but badge and music wristband holders get priority access.

All ages – Stubb’s

NPR Music is hosting tonight’s line up at Stubb’s. The venue, located on the corner of Eighth Street and Red River, is an Austin favorite serving up the best music of the festival. Californian rapper Boogie starts the night off at 8 p.m. followed by Shamir, folk rocker Courtney Barnett, French hip hop artist Stromae and rock and roll band TV on the Radio.

21+ – Clive Bar

If you find yourself hanging around the Rainey Street area, check out Clive Bar. Music begins at 2 p.m. but the show really gets started at 9 p.m. with R&B hippie Elliphant. Punk rock band The Cribs come on at 10 p.m.,  alt-pop duo Ms Mr come on at 11 p.m., and the night ends with British rockers The Vaccines.

Kat Sampson

​Perfume, a Japanese pop band, performs at Highland Lounge on Tuesday evening. Lauren Ussery | The Daily Texan

Updated (1:17 p.m.): Good afternoon, festival-goers! We hope you all jammed out beautifully last night. We're gearing up for a music-heavy Wednesday, but you can also look forward to photos, movie reviews and snapshots of easy-to-overlook parts of the festival. Our official schedule for today:

  • Laura Marling — The folk singer-songwriter from England performs at the Austin Convention Center.
  • When: 3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Age Restrictions: None
  • Milky Chance — The German folk duo Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch perform at the Austin Convention Center.
  • When: 4:00 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.
  • Age Restrictions: None
  • NPR’s Showcase — Belgian hip-hop and electronic artist Stromae, also known as Paul van Haver, and indie-rocker Courtney Barnett perform at Stubb’s.
  • When: 7:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
  • Age Restrictions: None
  • Future Islands — The synthpop band from Baltimore performs at Mowhawk.  
  • When: 1:00 a.m.
  • Age Restrictions: None

Updated (12:32 p.m.): Weather report 

If you’re scared of sunburn, good news: Today will be another warm, cloudy day. Temperatures are set to linger in the low 70s and high 60s through the rest of the day and into the evening. There may be some sporadic rainfall around 5:00 p.m., but it won’t be anything you need to take too seriously. To read a more in-depth forecast for Wednesday, click here.

Updated (12:16 p.m.): It's Wednesday, March 18, which means you've officially survived half of South By Southwest. Congratulations! You're officially a pro. But if you're starting to get a little weary, or you need a change of scenery, that's normal too. Get out of Austin, and check out one of these iconic Texas towns to take a break from SXSW. They're all less than two hours away and guaranteed to provide you a nice change of pace.