San Jacinto Residence Hall

After a reported sexual assault, UTPD officers are investigating the incident that occurred Saturday at the San Jacinto Residence Hall.

UTPD said the three individuals involved knew each other and the two suspects have continued to cooperate with the officers.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that two UT football players were being questioned by UTPD. UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey could not confirm the identities of those involved in the incident or whether those involved are members of the football team because of federal student privacy laws.

Posey said the case is still undergoing investigation.

“Our main concern is the safety of our students … so we take all assault reports very seriously,” Posey said. “We’re investigating it extremely thoroughly to make sure we keep our students safe  as we do with all reports of assault.”

Head football coach Charlie Strong did not make a statement but he does have strong beliefs on how players should treat women. Treating women with respect is among one of five core values Strong has listed to his players. If a player violates one of the core values, Strong has said he could lose his scholarship. 

Freshman math and pre-med double major Alicia Sego relaxes in her San Jacinto dorm room with roomate Christina Nguyen in-between classes Tuesday afternoon. San Jacinto Residence Hall will be offering a limited number of full year contracts in the 2013-2014 school year.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn | Daily Texan Staff

The Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS) is offering full-year contracts to incoming and returning students looking for the full on-campus living experience during the 2013-2014 school year.

The contracts are for a limited number of rooms in the San Jacinto Residence Hall. Previously, students could only sign dorm contracts through the fall and spring semesters.

DHFS decided to offer the new type of contract because of students who need a place to live during winter and summer breaks, when most other residential dorms are closed, said Laurie Mackey, director of administrative services for DHFS.

“People who don’t live here and can’t afford to go back home, or who have a job in Austin and have to work over the summer or for winter break” will likely benefit from the contract plan the most, Mackey said.

She said DHFS will be monitoring applications and available space to find out how many contracts can be offered. 

“It’s going to depend on the interest and how much space we have, and we won’t know that until probably after May 1,” Mackey said.

Students will benefit from the new contract plan if they plan to stay in the Austin area for the full year.

Piano performance freshman Yanni Chan said she had no other choice but to stay with a friend in Houston during the winter break. With plane tickets too expensive to fly back to Macau, China, she said it would have been easier if she could have stayed on campus.

“It would be a lot better because I know people who can’t get back home and they would have to spend $35 per night,” Chan said. “If the dorms were open, we wouldn’t have to worry about money or finding places to stay.”

According to DHFS, there is an option to select a full-year contract in the 2013 housing application, but because of the limited number of rooms, not all students with this preference will be offered a full-year contract.

Mackey said that students who are not offered contracts will be offered the nine-month contract and can pay separately to live on campus in the summer if they wish. 

Students who receive full-year housing contracts will move in at the same time as everyone else in August but can stay in their rooms during holidays and breaks through the fall and spring semesters.

Public relations freshman Madelynne Rodriguez recently reapplied to live in the San Jacinto Residence Hall and is hoping to receive a full-year contract.

“I feel like it makes more sense because it’s a full year,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like its overall easier and it’ll definitely take stress out of people’s lives.”