• Wild Art | 04.27.15

    Deborah Stevens dances in a drum circle at Eeyore's Birthday Party in Pease Park on Saturday. This year marked the 52nd anniversary of the festival.

    Charlotte Carpenter | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.24.15

    Undeclared freshman Kenzie Harrison takes care of a rabbit as part of Chi Kappa Phi service society’s Pet-a-Bunny Day on the SAC lawn Thursday afternoon. For the second year in a row, KPhi partnered with local animal shelter House Rabbit Resource Network to give students a chance to relax and socialize with bunnies.

    Michael Baez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.23.15

    After a performance in front of the Tower, French exchange student Valentin Guérin lets graduate student Li Kuang, a member of the UT Trombone Octet, try the pyro-trombone, which Guérin designed. The octet performed the piece “Bolivar” by composer Eric Cook, and Nathaniel Brickens conducted the piece.

    Marshall Tidrick | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.22.15

    Freshman business major Samantha Fox walks around the Senior Design Exhibition at the Art Building and Museum Tuesday afternoon.

    Mariana Gonzalez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.20.15

    Aviation electrician Lorenzo Taylor performs maintenance on a Navy helicopter at Austin Bergstrom Airport on Sunday. Taylor and his squadron will fly the helicopter from Florida to Arizona, where it will be retired on Thursday after more than 30 years in service.

    Griffin Smith | Daily Texan Staff

    The White family explores a train as part of Austin Steam Train Association's Hill Country weekend ride that takes passengers to Burnet and back. The well-kept vintage train is run by experienced volunteers on the weekends.

    Mariana Gonzalez | Daily Texan Staff