• Sound Czech

    The Czech Melody Masters perform during the Music and Culture Festival in the Utopia Theater on Sunday. The festival, which celebrated diverse cultures, was sponsored by the Texas Music Museum and UT’s School of Social Work.

  • Tool Time

    Neal Wilson organizes his tools after replacing the transmission of his car Wednesday afternoon. Wilson, who recently moved to Austin, first started working on engines when he was a go-kart racer at the age of nine.

  • Scoop Tossing



    Max Rinehart, manager of the airport location, throws an ice cream scoop up in the air at Amy’s Ice Creams’ 8th Annual Trick Olympics Tuesday evening. Rinehart won one of the scoop tossing competitions.

  • Double the Fun

    Owen, 6, cries out at the other children playing in Hula Hut’s outdoor sandbox Monday afternoon.

  • Making a splash

    A boy looks on after playing in the water at the Splash Pad at Pease Park, Monday afternoon.