• Construction

    Construction workers take a break at the intersection of San Jacinto Blvd. and 23rd Street Thursday afternoon.

  • Candlelight vigil

    Students, faculty and religious leaders gathered in a candlelight vigil organized by Prism, a queer Catholic campus organization, to remember the recent rash of gay teen suicides across the nation. The candles, lit from the University Catholic Center to be carried to Gregory Plaza, serve as a symbol of hope for the prevention of more deaths within the queer community. Prism co-leader Kevin Lorica organized the event because he wanted to bring more awareness about the tragedies to UT campus and spread a message that spirituality and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive. The vigil concluded with prayers and speeches led by local religious leaders, who encouraged the candle-bearers to do their best to follow God’s path and support their brethren during this time.

  • Fishing with the Family

    Two year old Maria Elena Torres and her family enjoy a fishing adventure Tuesday afternoon at the Barton Springs Spillway.

  • Front Porch Fun

    Jr., 4, and Bobo, 2, play in the porch of their house while their grandfather Red watches over them Thursday afternoon.

  • Resting easy

    A student sits in the third floor hallway of the Art Building while taking a break from class Monday afternoon.