• The Shore

    Let the waves do their work.
    Like debris we wash ashore and we move further inland,
    dripping of a salt and gel and water and sunscreen solution.
    Like debris we float on the water,
    directionless, belonging elsewhere,
    the product of damage.
    We are what remains.
    - Jorge Corona
  • Chicken fried controversy

    A Chick-Fil-A employee in the SAC waits for customers Wednesday morning.

  • Street Canvas

    Amreen Bora and Rushi Sukhavasi examine the artwork at The HOPE Outdoor Gallery Project Monday afternoon. Originally meant to be developed as condos before it failed inspection, the abandoned remnants now serve as a canvas for street artists.

  • Walkers

    People walk the Town Lake trail over the Longhorn Dam on Pleasant Valley road Sunday morning.

  • Dry heat

    Shelton Green does his laundry at Convenience Coin Laundry on 24th Street Wednesday afternoon.