• On the Green

    Garrett Womack, Brad Demco, Tyler Seymore and Donny Amsler golf Tuesday afternoon near Lamar Street.

  • Air Time

    Braeden Mathieu jumps off a mound at the 9th Street BMX trails in Duncan Park Tuesday afternoon.

  • Subterranean Sprinkler Systems

    Travis Czerw of Land Farm unloads tubing used for subterranean sprinkler systems in South Austin on Monday.

  • Austin Antique Mall

    Daniel Delgado walks around Austin Antique Mall on Saturday morning. Located on McCann Drive, the mall is open seven days a week and features multiple antique vendors.

  • Spanish Goal

    Erika Velez reacts to a Spanish goal at Cuatro’s during Euro Cup Final between Spain and Italy on Sunday. Spain won 4-0, becoming the first European team to win three consecutive international tournaments.