• Kennemor Pool and North Lamar Skateboarding

    Thomas Allison | Daily Texan Staff

    Dajae Negron, 11, performs a side-dive at the Kennemer Pool in North Austin on Monday afternoon. Kennemer is one of about 30 public pools in Austin where residents can seek refuge from the summer heat.

    Thomas Allison | Daily Texan Staff

    Erik Benitez, 12, practices skateboard tricks Monday afternoon at the North Lamar Transit Center while he and friends await their bus.

  • Carpenters' Union Protest Photo Brief





    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Members of the Carpenters Local 1266 protest outside the future site of the Coal Vines, an upscale pizzeria chain. The union claims that Select Precision Builders, LLC, which has been contracted to build this restaurant, has improperly classified employees as independent contractor to avoid paying the payroll tax and to make them ineligible for future unemployment. They also complain that the contractor is skirting the rules by paying workers in cash. During their protest, the union members were respectful to passersby, momentarily stopping their chants and clearing a path on the sidewalk.

  • Pull Ups

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Don Gregory finishes a set of pull-ups at the S. F. Austin High School track. The equipment sees consistent use from Austinites looking to forgo a trip to the gym.

  • Splash Mob Flash Mob




    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff


    Austinites drenched 6th Street with water guns and balloons in a surprise ‘Splash Mob Flash Mob’ Saturday. People of all ages waged a ruthless water war after launching the surprise but well-coordinated event. When water ran low, mobbers went into bars to gather more, and everyone went home a little cooler.

  • Redbud Ropeswing

    Collin Baker tosses a rope swing up to the next participant as a dog watches swimmers off Red Bud Isle on Town Lake. With temperatures routinely in the 100s, Austinites look to swimming holes as a cheap or free way to cool off.


    Collin Baker scales a hand-made wooden ladder nailed to a tree near Red Bud Isle Sunday afternoon. Red Bud Isle is a popular dog park on Lake Austin where dog owners and swimmers routinely take a break from the Texas heat.

    Trent Lesikar | Daily Texan Staff