• Competition and Coming Together

    Today’s Daily Texan is a dichotomy of print and broadcast media breaking down some barriers while social media fosters some friendly competition.

    On the friendly competition front, today marks the beginning of a six-week battle between The Daily Texan, and Texas A&M’s student newspaper, The Battalion, over who can generate the most Facebook “likes.” No money or prizes are at stake, just bragging rights in the ongoing rivalry between the Longhorns and the Aggies.

    While the Facebook fight will really benefit both newspapers equally by increasing their online audiences, we still want to come out on top. So go “like” us now at http://www.facebook.com/dailytexan.

    Unless of course you’re one of the growing number of people who are shunning Facebook, as Texan staff writer Aaron West, reports today.

    In other great reporting news, there is the coming together of The Daily Texan and Texas Student Television with their new twice-weekly feature on the KVR News program, Daily Texan Headlines.

    In the first installment, Steven Zurita, TSTV Station Manager, interviews Texan Senior Reporter Huma Munir about her article on the TEXAS Grants program.

    Look for more collaboration between The Daily Texan, TSTV, KVRX, and other Texas Student Media entities in the weeks and months ahead.

    And in the meantime, don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook.

  • On to Omaha!

    TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, the new home of the College World Series.
    TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, the new home of the College World Series.

    The Daily Texan team is heading to Omaha to follow that other winning UT squad -- the Longhorns baseball team -- as it seeks the national crown in the  College World Series!

    Our baseball writers, Trey Scott and Jon Parrett, along with Texan photographer Andrew Edmonson, will bring our readers all the action on our website and in our paper editions on Monday and Thursday. 

    Look for great stories and photos in print and online, blog posts, as well as updates on Twitter and Facebook.

    The Longhorns have had an exciting season and the Texan has been there every step of the way. Join us starting Thursday as we follow our favorite ballplayers all the way to the top!

  • Gotta serve somebody

    Take a look at Julie Rene Tran's story about Washington Post food editor and former Daily Texan managing editor Joe Yonan's new cookbook "Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One" ($22, Ten Speed Press). It has a strong UT angle, delivers insights for one of the Texan's core audience (single people) and offers a solid multimedia package on our much- improved website. This is the kind of work we want to be doing at the Texan these days. Now, I must admit that Joe and I worked together back in the day at The Boston Globe, but that takes nothing away from the relevance and quality of the work by both Joe and Julie. And the recipes are darned good, too! 

  • Several items of note

    Jill Abramson
    Jill Abramson

    I'm sure everyone out there in the blogosphere celebrated the return to print of The (not so)Daily Texan today. This summer, this print product will be produced on Mondays and Thursdays. The rest of the week, loyal readers should go to our new and improved website for the latest happenings on and around the Forty Acres. 

    Historic happenings at The New York Times today. Executive Editor Bill Keller is stepping down (he'll become a full-time writer at the paper) and Managing Editor Jill Abramson will take over the top spot at "the paper of record" on Sept. 6. This will be the first time a woman has held the top job at the "Gray Lady." Dean Baquet, Washington bureau chief (and former editor of the Los Angeles Times) will take over as managing editor come September. Many friends (and my pension) are wrapped up with the future success of the Times -- not to mention the future of our democracy -- so I'm wishing Ms. Abramson all the best!

    Oh, and did you notice that the Austin American-Statesman is offering voluntary buyouts to 167 of its employees who are at or closing in on retirement age? The bottom line remains hard to determine for media companies of all sizes. 

  • Good work at The Lantern

    Jim Tressel
    Jim Tressel

    Jim Tressel resigned as head football coach at Ohio State University this week because of a scandal brought to light, at least in part, by student journalists at OSU's campus paper, The Lantern. Now, a story on ESPN.com is reporting that the reaction to The Lantern's outstanding work is somewhat less than fully positive. In fact, some of it is downright nasty. Check it out. Is the Texan prepared to do the digging necessary to unearth such an important story? And to withstand the blowback? I sure hope so. Anyone know of any shady dealings going on in connection with Longhorn memorabilia and/or tattoos? Do tell!