'There's got to be a morning after...'


Most of you probably aren't familiar with the song quoted above, which was a huge hit for Maureen McGovern back in the 1970s, but it's the tune I always hum to myself the day after any major news event. You name it -- big election, massive fire, start of a war -- the first day (and night) covering a huge news story is an adrenaline high.

The next day is always the hardest. Everyone is exhausted, you can see the mistakes you made in the rush to deadline and you have go out an amaze your readers or viewers all over again. Not an easy task.

The Texan staff felt "the morning after" effect yesterday, but still put out a strong paper this morning. It's totally appropriate to give over the whole front page to bin Laden coverage one more time. The disappearance of the skybox and rail tells the reader something unusual is happening. I say we go back to normal tomorrow.

The package is strong, particularly the UT connection to the Seal unit that did the dirty work. Can we get more on this this today? That might be our natural follo.

Do you regularly go to the Newseum site? You should! Follow this link to see today's front pages from across the country and around the world: 

One other thing, unrelated to Osama. I'd like to know who is leaking regents' documents to Ralph Haurwitz at the Statesman. Check out their lead story this morning:

I'd like to think this story is the result of good reporting, but given the detailed list of who had access to the memo, I'd suggest someone seeking to undercut Gene Powell's agenda is using the Statesman to further his or her own! Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I'd like to see the Texan become part of that chess match!