A brand new day


Thanks to the efforts of many people, but particularly managing editor Claire Cardona and Web rescue angel Michael Redding, The Daily Texan today has a new, and vastly improved, website.

This is something of an historic occasion – many Texan staffers past and present have been clamoring and hoping and waiting for this day. Now it’s here. We'll proudly promote that fact in Monday’s paper and through our social media.

Of course, nothing on the Web is set in stone and there undoubtedly will be adjustments and additions to be made (archives, any one?). But the bottom line is that we have the new website that will allow us to produce more original, online-only content while also presenting our Texan material on the Web in a more logical, eye-pleasing way. And did I mention that our blogs now exist?

 I’ll leave the more technical assessments to our new multimedia adviser, Jennifer Rubin. This is a great gift and opportunity for her and all of us.

I just want to speak – and say thank you – to the many people who made this day possible. That list includes the aforementioned Michael and Claire, Ana, Jillian, Lauren, Ben, Sean, Ryan, Viv, Veronica, Lena and, yes, Dustin and Nolan and the California dream team. That elusive dream is now a reality, let’s see what we can do with it.