What 2013 means for Mack Brown


For many Texas Longhorn football fans, 2013 is not just another season but one of retribution, redemption, and the opportunity to return to a past glory that hasn’t been attained for a number of years. Any diehard football fan will tell you that the last thing they want to hear about their beloved program is that they are “rebuilding.” 

Much like an eager parent wanting to help their struggling child, Texas fans have longed to help their Longhorns since the 2009 season. Head coach Mack Brown has made a number of excuses over the past couple of years as to why his team has not performed up to their expectations although they have top recruiting classes, top-notch facilities, and are undoubtedly the richest athletic program our country has ever seen.

The Longhorns are expected to finish nowhere short of 10 wins this upcoming season with the most experienced quarterback in the Big 12 conference along with all but three returning starters on both sides of the ball. Texas has a reputation for “dropping the ball” when it counts in terms of winning crucial games.

Mack Brown is 2-5 against Kansas State’s Bill Snyder and has sustained back-to-back 40-point blowout losses to Bob Stoops' Oklahoma squad. The Longhorns have undoubtedly had problems with their program, but 2013 marks not only the potential beginning of the end of a long drought, but could also mean the beginning of new era without Mack Brown if he is not able to give the results that Texas fans so desperately want.