The Derrick Rose school of teasing: Why the Bulls PG needs to come back... now


Just days ago another image of Derrick Rose practicing emerged. Again.

It’s been the same story for months, or lack thereof you could say. The return of Rose to the basketball court has long been overdue, and at this point the spectacle is getting rather frustrating to see.

Rose was injured during game one of a 2012 playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers after landing awkwardly on his left knee. He had ACL surgery in May, and now, eleven months later, we are still waiting for hi.

It wouldn’t be so frustrating as a fan to not see Rose if we weren’t teased daily by the media, and by sound bites of Rose himself making a return appear imminent.

Mock videos and commercials have gone viral of Rose’s return, and a spoof of the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises even popped up.

But Derrick, superheroes don’t stay down this long.

I understand the hesitation, and I understand the concern in bringing your franchise player back too soon after a severe injury, but it isn’t just the fans in Chicago that are growing restless with Rose’s indecision on a return. And the NBA playoffs are only a few weeks away.

And just for context’s sake, it’s been over a month since Rose was cleared to play.

Rose was listed as day-to-day on March 5, and a month ago Rose was cleared to return to action on March 8.

And yet, the only Rose we’ve seen are practice images, training images and your occasional promotional making a return seem imminent. The irony in this story, however, is no one really knows when he’ll be back.

At this point it’s been made pretty clear that Rose’s return rests solely on his shoulders, and that decision is not going to come until he feels prepared mentally to come back. But with the Bulls playing solid basketball, firmly locked in the playoffs and an opportunity to throw off the Eastern Conference with a return, we still see no sign of Rose.

At this point I’m honestly not certain what decision Rose will actually make. It would be logical to assume that Rose isn’t going to play this season. Actually nothing about this story particularly points to Rose coming back this season. But that’s the thing that doesn’t make any sense. Why all the media hoopla and false hope if you aren’t going to come back? Does Rose not realize the potential loss of credibility and weariness he may be creating with his fan base?

Well Rose, as of now six games remain between the regular season and the playoffs, and hopefully after that time period a decision will be made.