Welcome back


Welcome (back) to the Daily Texan editorial blog. This space has not been updated in a while, so we thought that it was time for a change. As students — and, for that matter, news consumers of all ages — receive more and more of their news and commentary online, we realize that we must meet them in cyberspace rather than expect them to come to us on the printed page, especially in the summer, when we only print once a week. With that in mind, starting this week, the editorial board will offer commentary on the news of the day in the form of blog posts and editorial cartoons.

The posts that appear in this space will be similar in tone to the editorials you are used to seeing in the paper every day. However, they will be shorter and more tightly focused, taking as their theme a single event that happened the previous night or that is set to happen later that day. Some posts will offer foretastes of future print editorials, while others will stand alone as exclusive to the blog. Most notably, we’ve made a conscious decision to sign each post with the name of the editorial board member who wrote it. While our print editorials run under the collective “Daily Texan Editorial Board” byline, our blog space will allow the associate editors, who normally appear as little more than a name in small font tucked far away from the opinion page, to give our readers a sense of the individual viewpoints that collectively comprise the daily editorials.

As always, we welcome your comments. If you would like to suggest a topic for a future post or if you think we have neglected to consider an issue from a certain angle, let us hear about it below or at editor@dailytexanonline.com.

​Brands is editor-in-chief.