Former Madam Mam’s renovated into a bank


Photo Credit: Lauren Ibanez | Daily Texan Staff

A second Chase Bank will replace Madam Mam’s old location on Guadalupe Street and open its doors to students in 2020.

Madam Mam’s, a Thai restaurant located in West Campus, moved from Guadalupe Street to 26th and Nueces in the GrandMarc apartment complex in January 2017, The Daily Texan previously reported. Greg Hassell, the Chase Bank regional media contact, said renovations on the former Madam Mam’s location began after the city of Austin issued approval on July 2. He said the company chose the location based on its size and proximity to campus, even though another Chase Bank already operates near Space 24 Twenty. 

“We do have another location on Guadalupe,” Hassell said. “This new office will be a little bigger and allow for more clients to be served at a time.”

Hassell also said the new location would bring another ATM to student customers, which would keep students from paying a withdrawal fee when taking out money from non-Chase ATMs.

“The fee isn’t waived for college checking accounts or the more basic checking accounts students tend to get with us,” Hassell said. “We figured that would appeal to clients in the area, who we think are mostly going to be students.”


The previous building for Madam Mam’s has remained unoccupied for the past two and a half years, said restaurant manager May Chiravisit. 

“Our old space was one we really liked,” Chiravisit said. “We’re just as happy with our new space, though. We just wanted to stay close to this community.”

Chiravisit said the other Madam Mam’s restaurants in the Bee Cave area, on Brodie Lane and on West Anderson Lane are at least a 20-minute drive from campus and would not offer students easy access to their food.

“Most of our customers are UT students at this location,” Chiravisit said. “We’ve been a presence near campus pushing 20 years. It’s something we’re proud of, so we want to stay in this area for a long time.”

Architectural engineering senior Gabrielle Manalili said she felt glad to see the building in use after being closed for such a long period.

“It was a little awkward walking by and still seeing the sign and everything up even though it was closed,” Manalili said. “It might have been a little weird for the younger students who didn’t know it moved.”

Chiravisit said she figured the confusion Manalili described might have happened early on, but she thinks word of mouth has helped clear that up.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Chiravisit said. “It’s been almost three years now, though, so if there are newer students out there looking, we should be easier to find especially now that it’s kind of boarded up over there.”

Manalili said she has no problem with a bank going up in the building, but she hoped some other eatery could have filled the former restaurant space.

“I’d love to see more local places on The Drag,” Manalili said. “It’s part of what appeals to students, having places like Mam’s or Kerbey Lane that basically everyone knows about. It gives campus its character.”