Madam Mam’s to relocate, revamp


Photo Credit: Naomi Martinez | Daily Texan Staff

The original Madam Mam’s, a Thai restaurant on Guadalupe Street, is relocating to 26th and Nueces streets after about 15 years at its
current location.

The new location is expected to open by the end of February and will feature several additions such as an outdoor patio, alcohol service and free Wi-Fi.   

Restaurant manager May Chiravisit said the atmosphere of the new location will be similar to that of a sports bar. Customers will be able to watch games on televisions while drinking tap beer, Chiravisit said.

Tanapong Hanwong, restaurant owner and Madam Mam’s son, said some menu items will be replaced with dishes more suitable for college students, such as Thai chicken wings. 

Jacob King, international relations and global studies freshman, said he’s been eating at Madam Mam’s since he was a child but is looking forward to seeing new features added to the restaurant. 

“The idea of a Madam Mam’s geared toward college students is pretty cool,” King said. “I’ve been trying to find a cool place to watch games, so I’d be totally open to checking it out.”

The new spot will be about a tenth of a mile away from the existing location, replacing Good Juju Cafe in the GrandMarc apartment complex.

Business freshman Neha Shah said she frequents Madam Mam’s with friends and doesn’t think the relocation will affect the amount of business the restaurant will receive.

“I think it’s really popular, so people are going to go anyway,” Shah said. “It’s not really that far.”

The new restaurant provides a larger space, seating about 30 more customers than the existing location.

Kismet Cafe, another long-standing West Campus eatery, recently left the area for a larger space away from campus.

Michael Lam, arts and entertainment technologies sophomore, said he’s relieved the new Madam Mam’s location is still in West Campus.

“Every time I’ve gone there … it’s always really good,” Lam said. “Having a relocation isn’t too much of an inconvenience. I’d probably be more concerned if they were moving away from campus.”

Chiravisit said she hopes the new location will be a good environment for students to hang out.

“It’s going to be fun, and a challenge for us,” Chiravisit said. “We’ve been here doing the same thing for fifteen years, but we want to find something new.“