UT student charged with credit card abuse after theft from Gregory Gym


After reviewing security camera footage and records from a card proximity reader at Gregory Gym, police arrested senior Gabrielle Frankel and charged her with credit card abuse, a state jail felony. Frankel was arrested outside the gym on Thursday afternoon.

Police had issued Frankel a Class B warrant, implying probable cause but not necessarily determining guilt. On Thursday, Frankel’s bond was set at $25,000 at Travis County Central Booking. At press time, Frankel was no longer listed as an inmate.

On Monday, management information systems senior Gabriela Peralta told UTPD officers that her small pink purse had been stolen from the women’s locker room at Gregory Gym. According to the arrest warrant issued for Frankel, Peralta said her Citibank credit card was used repeatedly after the theft. 

According to the police affidavit, Frankel allegedly spent $129.89 at Tekgnar Skateshop, $54.13 at BC Smoke Shop, $42 at TCBY — all three of which are located near each other on West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard — and just under $5 at the Texas Union Building. 

Alex Fuller, a manager at Tekgnar, said police contacted him Wednesday about the shop’s security camera footage. 

“We use security to monitor everything that goes on,” Fuller said. “[Frankel’s purchase] was pretty standard — she bought a skateboard, a cruiser board.”

In a warrant for Frankel’s arrest, UTPD detective Michael Larner said he was able to use security camera footage from Tekgnar and Gregory Gym to determine the identity of the suspect. 

“The manager was able to locate the suspect on the Gregory Gym video walking into the women’s locker room around the same time Ms. Peralta’s purse was stolen,” Larner said. “I compared the video from Tekgnar Skateshop to the photos of the suspect at Gregory Gym and found a positive match. … The suspect was still wearing the [same] blue sweatshirt and pants with the matching reflective strip.” 

After Larner identified the suspect, the manager of Gregory Gym compared the time of the theft to records the gym keeps of students checking in with proximity cards.

“[Frankel used] her UT proximity card to enter Gregory Gym [on Monday], which corresponded with the photo and time seen on the Gregory Gym video,” Larner said. 

On Thursday, Frankel was working out in Gregory Gym again when police approached her and brought her outside. History sophomore Cole Wilson, who witnessed the arrest, said police officers questioned Frankel before taking her to central booking.

“They were questioning her about a water bottle, and then put her in handcuffs,” Wilson said.