• Residents of Goodall Wooten dormitory told they must leave by May 16

    The Goodall Wooten is a plain, high-rise dormitory building located on The Drag. Last week, they learned the building would be closing its doors, giving them a month’s warning before they must leave. Read this story


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  • Students break world records for charity

    As throngs of students pushed past on their way to class, sociology sophomore Phillip Johns donned a blindfold and reached out for the pieces of a Mr. Potato Head toy. As the timer started, Johns frantically set to work, trying to break the world record for fastest assembly of the toy. 
  • Start up aims to bring students joy during stress-filled finals

    With finals right around the corner, this time of year can be extremely stressful for students across campus. However, a group of design students are creating a campaign to spread mental health awareness and joy to students during finals season.

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